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Industrial Services, Inc. has teamed up with local Recyclers to offer this service to both our

Residential and Commercial customers. For Residential customers we have curbside single stream

Recycling. All customers are provided a cart and the cost can be combined with your existing bill.

Please call for current pricing.

Acceptable items:

All plastic containers #1 – #7, please remove lids

Grocery, newspaper, dry cleaning bags – place in single bag and tie closed

Glass food and beverage containers only

Tin cans – lids and labels ok

All paper – newspaper, mail (junk mail, bills, etc) office paper, cardboard, magazines, books, etc.


Please NO: styrofoam, automotive containers (oil, antifreeze, etc) Kleenex, paper towels, toilet paper


For Commercial customers we have frontload and compactor service available for cardboard, acceptable

plastics and more. Rebates are given on compactor recycling services. Give us a call, we can

provide you with a price and the right equipment to take care of your recycling needs.